Volume 39

Volume 39 of the Journal of Short Film is proud to highlight this global collection of films spanning eight different countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, France, and the United States. Even though the films in this volume come from different cultures and political climates, they have in common a balance between anxiety and hope for the future. In addition to the cultural differences between these films, JSF 39 contains 3-D animation, comedy, drama, documentary, and experimental filmmaking, allowing for fascinating comparisons of cinematic style across global contexts.

1. HUM, Tom Teller, 2015 (8:35)

2. A Cake Story, Georgi Krastev 2014 (12:00)

3. Generator, Nikoleta Leousi, 2013 (19:00)

4. In-Between, Ramaz Melashvilli, 2014 (10:47)

5. Voluntario, Javier Marco, 2014, (3:52)

6. The Fugue, Xavier Bonnin, 2013 (20:00)

7. BERG, Valentina Ferrandes 2012 (11:29)

8. Alexia, Andrés Borghi, 2013 (9:00)


Journal of Short Film Volume 39

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