Volume 38

The Journal of Short Film Volume 38 brings together films from around the globe, which point thematically to the concepts of alienation and normalcy. As a whole, the compilation demonstrates that people around the world who express themselves through moving images feel some form of alienation, but a question emerges: if everyone is alienated, then does alienation not become a new type of normalcy? As new advancements in communication technologies engender a form of homogeneity, these films show us how uniquely each person expresses him or herself with a language composed of images and sounds.

1. Sound Thief, Aditya Kapur, 2014 (8:24)

Sound Thief is a documentary featuring independent musician Jivraj Singh, drummer for Pinknoise, and designer/producer. Born to parents who lived life on the road and made music, music was not so much a glamorous externality as much as a way of life.

2. Jiring (Clink), Alireza Nosrati, 2013 (3:51)

A man is collecting coins and piling them up. Coins fall from above and he stacks them like stairs. The stairs go higher and higher and the man climbs up the coins to place the new one where it belongs. The job becomes more difficult with every new coin that falls from above، and the man adamantly keeps on staking them, as we wonder why?

3. Love in Time (Temps d'Amour), Anne Jacqueline, 2012 (10:48)

Julia's lovely ancient watch breaks down. Alexandre has no time to spare to care. Time passes by. Julia meets Jean who is surprised that she is still wearing it although time has stopped. Later on, Mathieu will break the watch.

4. Dad’s Fragile Doll, Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, 2014 (16:16)

A young girl reconstructs events leading to her father's imprisonment and execution using dolls her mother has made. The young girl takes vengeance on the prison guard puppet doll........

5. The Day of Bleeding Gums, Dimitar Dimitrov, 2014 (5:00)

It is only needed to calmly wait for your wave, and let it take you there, where even death is just a cause for contemplation. The painting has a value only in the moment of its creation; the rest is just a postcard from a faraway voyage.

6. “• • • - - - • • •”, Hugo Magro, 2013 (9:45)

Assuming the vulnerability of the human being as a starting point, the look of the camera seeks for passers-by, someone who might be related to voices from recordings of social support helplines. This points to a new look at what we see daily and repeatedly: simple and everyday images, shelters and enclosures of lack of support.

7. 370 New World, Marcantonio Lunardi, 2015 (5:08)

370 New World is a work on the new solitude created by the economic and social crisis which crossed the whole Europe in the last ten years. The human isolation which is displayed to the spectator is, by now, part of the everyday life of many people.

8. On the Edge, Roy Zafrani, 2013 (13:00)

On the Edge is a short documentary about Alona, an Israeli 28 years old who immigrated from Ukraine when she was 13. Her life story has always brought her in the direction to abyss, almost falling down, almost becoming crazy, almost dying. When all of her attempts to belong anywhere fail, Alona starts going down, to the darkest side of life. A story of hope


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