Volume 33

Volume 33 of The Journal of Short Film encompasses a range of original artistic works spanning narrative, documentary, and experimental modes. An exploration of the postmodern world, this volume coalesces around topics of consumerism, social-networking anxiety, environmental uncertainties, and struggles in intercultural relationships. Several of the films in this volume have been honored with awards on the festival circuit both domestic and international.

1.  Death Songs and Car Bombs – Brendan & Jeremy Smyth (2013, 6:24). Two 16mm 100ft rolls edited entirely in-camera. Guided by a ceremonial death song, an attempt to reach the unholy sea transforms into a chaotic place study of Bali’s infamous tourism district- car-bombed one year after 9/11. Now, a dimly-lit memorial stands amidst a sea of Western signage, and by fate, an identical Mitsubishi 
L300  passes ground zero as tehe roll flares out. 
2.  Status - Richard Williamson (2011, 19:44).  In the near future social networking has moved out of the virtual world and into the physical. A confronting portrait of a world we may soon know too well. Welcome to the evolution.
3.  The Whale Story - Tess Martin (2012, 3:36). A fisherman experiences a moment of connection with a female humpback whale in the waters off of San Francisco. Is this an example of inter-species communication or a mysterious fluke? This true story is retold in paint on a 16 foot high wall with the help of the passing public in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park.
 4. Chase - Malia Bruker (2012, 13:00) Guiding us through her own story of love letters and junk mail, Director Malia Bruker explores the isolating nature of modern life in this comedic experimental film. A blend of performance and documentary, Chase is both a playful reaction to the absurdity of corporate marketing and a heartfelt yearning for simpler ways of communicating. www.maliabruker.com
5.  Laura versus Global Warming – Iryna Zhygalyuk (2013, 5:33).  When Laura discovers that her mother stopped her from receiving the first prize at the National Center for Now Ice and Bad Expectations Children Essay Contest, she unravels the sweater her mother is completing for the upcoming Vogue Knitting Magazine Competition.
  6.  Speculum - Richard Ashrowan (2014, 17:17).  Speculum is a moving image sigil, a rehabilitation of the present through the prism of the past. The work explores ancient theories of matter in which luminous emanation gives rise to physical form. Taking the form of seven stages or seven failed experiments, the film draws upon the works of early light philosophers Roger Bacon (1214-1292), Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535) and John Dee (1527-1609).
7.  Till Death do us Part - Henna Välkky (2014, 6:30). An old man who once made a promise to his first love under serene skies, now stands in the rain with nothing but a fading Polaroid stigma. It's time to fulfill the promise. Till Death do us Part is a poetic short film about the absurdness of a life-long commitment. This mood piece strips it’s characters voiceless and builds it’s emotion around a modern musical score that runs throughout the film. www.silentpaprikafilms.com
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