Volume 31

Available March 7th 2014

JSF 31 includes 8 films of various forms highlighting two main approaches: experimentation with a cinematic mode of production and exploring self-reflexive properties of communication found in the moving image. From short-wave radio and typewriters to digital scanners and computer generated presentation of geometries, each piece shows the viewer an altered form of cinematic and social engagement highlighting the difference between an old world and a new world. To watch is not only to experience a particular form of human expression now but to participate in histories and possible futures.

1.  End of Line - Caitlin Zera (2013, 9:13). Charlie May and Vern Trampe, lifelong repairmen, own one of the last typewriter stores in the country. Through the ups and downs of the years and increasing planned obsolescence, the two remain optimistic. They share their memories of their business and customers, insights, and philosophies about the typewriter, including the history of its evolution and decline, and of course, what place it has in the future.

2.  When I Stop Looking - Todd Herman (2013, 15:00).  Going beyond the imprint of appearances, When I Stop Looking invokes the intensely private worlds of those portrayed, each of whom lives with significant facial and cranial conditions. A vivid affirmation of existence comes forward before anything else. www.todd-herman.com

3.  Message From My Centenarian - Georg Koszulinski (2014, 7:00). In the year 2079, humans have developed the capacity to send transmissions into the past. My centenarian, and others like him (me?), believe in an alternative future based on the rewriting of our current time-moment. But the message I send myself is short and it doesn't offer instructions of any kind. www.substreamfilms.com

4.  Listen - Monteith Mccollum (2013, 10:00).  “Listen” examines shortwave radio as a technology that can be utilized not only for communication, but also abstract sound art. In “Listen,” Ingvar Loco Nordin a Swedish sound artist, writer, and student of the renowned composer Carl Heinz Stockhausen breaks down the sounds of shortwave as a poetic electronic medium.  Bringing viewers into a world of forgotten and hidden transmissions, buzzing Morse Code, the abstract hum of pagers, and the coded transmission of coordinates to airlines flying overhead.  It’s a technology that has a linkage to the greater Milky Way.  While solar flares can make clear communication on shortwave difficult, for the artist it’s an opportunity to hear an elusive set of tones and crackles.

5.  The Far Side of Laughter - Darine Hotait (2009, 8:00).  The confusion of a young woman trapped between religion and sexuality leads her to see her womanly fantasies transform to nightmares. www.cinephiliaproductions.com

 6.  Echoes of Information in an n-Dimensional Hilbert Space - David Witzling (2006, 3:15). An experimental animation with an original score, this video explores possibilities for a "visual music." Oskar Fischinger, Harry Smith, Norman McLaren, and others have explored similar territory. This particular manner of abstraction takes inspiration from non-Euclidean geometries -- of which there are several -- such as polar coordinate systems (in which parallel lines can intersect at the poles) or Lorentzian space (in which there is no direct analog of a sphere).

7.  Caleb’s Gift - Robert Willard Bates (2013, 13:58).  An equine veterinarian and his 18-year-old son have become bitterly estranged.  A car accident, triggered by the son’s drug addiction and involving a beautiful horse prized by both father and son, compels the two men to confront their wounded relationship.  As “Caleb’s Gift” reveals, forgiving is hardest when it’s needed the most.  www.calebsgift.com   www.vimeo.com/robertwillardbates/videos  , bob@bates.tv

8.  Close The Lid, Gently - Ariana Gerstein (2012, 4:30).  Close the Lid Gently is a video made entirely from 2 home desktop scanners- one a photo scanner, the other a refurbished low end document scanner. Each has it's own texture and renders the domestic environment in it's own particular way, one scan at a time. This piece deals with the deliberate misuse/re-purposing of commercial copying machines for a slow, individual, low end, approach to the motion picture making process.




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