Volume 30

  1. Tumbleweed! – Varava Brothers (2012, 7:07)
    The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble. An Illusion of Movement.
  2. The Stone – Andy Hall (2012, 5:43)
    This surreal stop-motion follows a factory worker in the dystopian future as he intersects with visions of science's alchemical past, its co-opting by shortsighted profiteers, and its eventual enslavement. The worker must face his destiny when confronted with the stone. Zetetic Studios on Facebook.
  3. Make Me a Doorway Jesse Russell Brooks (2012, 3:36)
    Three perspectives represented by the voice of one woman investigate the memory of a love lost while unerringly depicting the courage required to navigate a volatile gender gap. Both poetry and mixed media are combined in this film to explore our memories of past relationships, what photography makes of our identity and how these reflections mysteriously transform us.
  4. Not Clear Cut Paul Turano (2012, 7:25)
    A small instance of collateral damage from the recent financial crisis, Not Clear Cut portrays the challenging decision my parents made to harvest 40 acres of 70+ year-old hardwood trees as an attempt to make up for money lost. The poetic visual and auditory approach is one of empathy (for the trees and my parents), resentment, remorse, and a sense of irrevocable loss. Paul Tuarano.
  5. Kiss Me – Jules Nurrish (2012, 11:27)
    A boxer is forced to face up to his demons after he kills his opponent in the ring.
  6. TV Washes Two Much of Me – Bruce McKaig (2012, 2:30)
    Growing up, the family spent Sundays after church watching The Wonderful World of Disney and then vacation slides. Juxtaposing church, Disney, and childhood memories shaped my curiosity to explore how photography invents more than documents reality. This piece, made in front of and inside a TV, questions boundaries between television as an external experience and television as part of identity.
  7. Flux – Kostas Makrinos (2013, 8:53)
    Unwanted b-roll footage and outtakes from various old projects, come back to life triggered by circuit-bended toy keyboards and a theremin. Hidden pictures & soundscapes are revealed through a kaleidoscopic view and a sonic trip to an unknown place. Redefining chaos. kostas.makrinos@gmail.com
  8. Ron Goes to Heaven – Ron Lechler (2012, 3:49)
    An impossible question spins Ron into an existential journey to heaven where he meets God. He takes advantage of this rare opportunity to ask the almighty creator his own seemingly impossible questions about the nature of the universe and mankind.
  9. Oro Parece Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy (2012, 6:14)
    A joke so poorly told and unfunny that the characters within the joke are forced to reveal their spirit through the process of their own destruction.
  10. The Shrimp Keith Wilson (2010, 15:50)
    The Shrimp is a lush visualist's documentary that follows the life cycle of a shrimp along the marshes of Savannah, Georgia. Beautifully etched images and a canny audio soundscape create a rich and witty observational work about Southern culture, human folly and the interplay of natural and built environments
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