Volume 29

  1. R. Seymore Goes North – Rhayne Vermette (2010, 3:09)
    Precluding his destination that morning, the sky receded into a peculiar darkness. Boarding the northern train, Mr. Seymore drifts through the murky turbulences of the night.
  2. When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl – Jim Haverkamp (2012, 11:37)
    Starting out as an ordinary nine year old girl, Walt Whitman is soon catapulted into the world with her senses ablaze. Based on a prose poem by M.C. Biegner, this speculative biography mixes drama, dance, puppetry, and oddball humor to portray the world through the eyes of a 'sensitive kid.'
  3. Salt Lines Cade Bursell (2012, 4:48)
    - origination: 35mm clear leader, salt; white and Himalayan pink, ink, paint, tape – A haptic, visceral response to discordant lines of text associated with Himalayan salt extraction; its use in the US for gourmet cooking and healing vs. the hard repetitive labor of those who bring us this commodity.
  4. Jenny Mi Amor Abigail Severance (2012, 8:01)
    Jenny is dressed in feathers and on the run. In her wake, seven people try to craft a portrait of a mysterious being, but instead recount their own stories of loss and longing. In the impulse to archive stories, we discover how fragile they are. (Experimental Fiction) Abigail Severance
  5. Transit – Jeff Curtis and Greg Catellier (2012, 5:20)
    Based on the concept of astronomical and star transit, this dance film plays with space, distance and relationships between three bodies--two dancers and a camera--in motion.
  6. Norman Schwarzkopf Made Me Gay – Sara Zia Ebrahimi (2012, 14:00)
    This multi-media short film humorously weaves together personal stories with historical events reflecting on US foreign policy relations with Iran.
  7. American Love Story: A Landscape in Sequence – Dawn Nye and Katrazyna Randall (2011, 10:33)
    Throughout the centuries the landscape has been imbued with the hope, fear, honor, righteousness, delicacy, power and the faith of man. This video investigates that history through a contemporary lens and seeks to find a relationship between the romantic, the tragic and the everyday.
  8. Heal Thyself – Jeremy Dylan Lanni (2012, 8:28)
    Heal Thyself is a sick little satire starring Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts as a morally challenged doctor thriving in America's profit-driven health care system. Roberts' hilarious turn as the cynical Dr. Cash is complimented by stellar performances from Edie McClurg, Peter Jason, Sarah Glendening, Cory Scarborough and Gabriela Fernández-Coffey.
  9. A Shift in the Wind Visto desde el zaguán (2012, 10:33)
    From the beginning it may have already ended. And yet, their story, ignoring all the signs, is determined to disentangle itself from the hold this ending has over it. Visto desde el zaguán
  10. 9214 Takahiro Suzuki (2010, 6:33)
    9214 is a video piece that looks at the passing of a freight train from a different perspective. Once lauded for its speed and efficiency, and as a technological marvel in general, that sentiment is now faded. 9214 tries to mimic and revive the aura and luster of freight rail.
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